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2016 Water Emergency – Town of Concord

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The Town of Concord reported on August 1, 2016, that during a routine site visit, an access hatch to one of the water storage tanks had been compromised.  The Town isolated that supply tank from the system.  Due to the combination of drought conditions and limitations with the town water storage facility, there is an immediate curtailment of all non-essential water use until further notice.

Outdoor uses Include:

Lawn Watering – Prohibited*

Swimming Pools – Prohibited – No filling or topping-off*

Residential Gardens – Handheld Watering Only

Car/Truck/Boats – Prohibited – Bring to a Commercial Car Wash

  •  Enforceable with fines,under the Town of Concord Water Use Restriction Bylaw

1st offense – $50

Each additional offense – $100.


Irrigation controllers should be shut off.  If you are in need of assistance as to how to shut your controller off, please contact our office.




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