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Fix Leaky Heads

Impact Of Leaky Heads

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Large commercial park with old, leaking heads, mismatched and worn nozzles, blanket scheduling, and no rain sensors. After some preliminary calculations, we were able to surmise that we could save up to 50% or more by replacing leaking heads, adding rain sensors to all the buildings, program zone specific, and match nozzle outputs. After all these repairs and upgrades were made, we had some hard data to calculate and the numbers were astounding. The year prior to us being contracted, they used 4.4 million gallons of water for irrigation. The next two years they used roughly 1.4 million gallons of water each. That saved them 3 million gallons of water the first year and every year after. Of course water costs money and those 3 million gallons translates to a savings of over $21,000.00. Our average for each building was roughly 65%-70%.

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