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Irrigation Systems 101

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Concord Water needs your help to ensure mindful outdoor water use does not negatively affect our ability to provide adequate fresh, clean drinking water to residents, businesses and visitors all year long. Certified irrigation professionals from Corbett Irrigation of Concord, MA, together with staff from Concord Public Works’ Water and Sewer Division, will discuss the importance of the proper operation and maintenance of your home in-ground irrigation systems. Learning how to effectively manage your home in-ground irrigation system will help you save water, money and energy all while protecting your investment and helping you lawn look its best during the long hot summer days.

System ProgrammingAlthough they seem far off, hot and dry summer days are on their way, and it is important that each of us makes every effort to reduce our impact on our shared water supply. Through an interactive presentation, learn strategies from local irrigation professionals and CPW staff for reducing watering losses to evaporation and wind, increasing the amount of water actually absorbed by your lawn, decreasing the chances of turf and plant disease, and improving the appearance and resilience of your lawn while reducing your impact on the local water supply. Learning how making simple adjustments to your irrigation system controller, having a properly installed rain sensor, and insuring your sprinkler heads and valves are in good condition can make saving water (and money) a breeze!

Corbett Irrigation will provide guidance on basic system programming, basic system maintenance, and commonly encountered challenges with in- ground irrigation systems. CPW staff will share Concord’s Seasonal Water Demand Management Plan and why it matters to you, as well as outdoor water conservation strategies and opportunities. An open Q&A session will follow the presentation.

To ensure adequate materials are available, please pre-register by April 14th, by calling 978-318-3259 or emailing watersmart@concordma.gov.

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