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Spring Turn – On

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When should I anticipate to have my irrigation system to be turned-on?

                      Weather permitting, we perform system turn-ons mid April through early to mid June.

 What should I expect at the turn-on appointment?

  1.               Carefully pressurize all irrigation connections and underground lines.
  2.               Perform a visual inspection and service review of backflow components.
  3.               Systematically confirm operations of all zones using the irrigation controller to ensure electrical connectivity of field wiring and splices.
  4.               Perform a series of flow and pressure tests while actuating each zone in order to determine if any leaks exist.
  5.               Complete a through 4-Point Head Inspection of each irrigation head.
  6.               All zones of drip irrigation or low flow irrigation shall be checked closely for leaks and even distribution of water, free from interruption.
  7.               The controller shall be correctly programmed, taking into consideration, the individual requirements of the plant material being watered, sunny versus shady areas, soil conditions,                     predicted weather, and local watering restrictions.
  8.               The rain sensor shall be tested for proper operation and adjusted as required.  Wireless sensors shall be checked for uninterrupted radio communication between the transmitter and                   the receiver.
  9.                If the system employs a dedicated pump, it shall be assembled, lubricated and primed in accordance with the manufactures’ recommendations. ** Additional charges may apply to                       dedicated pump systems & additional points of connection(s).**
  10.               Any back-up batteries in place shall be removed and replaced with new batteries.
  11.               All sediment filters shall be removed, inspected and cleaned or replaced as required.

What is 4-Point Head Inspection?

  1.               Visual examination of the wiper seal to verify a leak free engagement
  2.               The turret shall be checked for proper, even, uninterrupted rotation.
  3.               The internal arc adjustments and stops shall be tested and modified as required.
  4.               The nozzle shall be checked for proper stream break up, accurate range adjustment and cleanliness.

What is not included?

  1.               Any material required to complete any repairs on the irrigation system not covered by manufactures’ warranty.
  2.               Cost related to service labor required beyond the scope identified within the turn-on, mid-season, or monthly check descriptions.


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