Who We Are

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Our company philosophy is to provide excellent service and develop effective working relationships. This is embodied in our management team and is instilled at all levels of our personnel.


We focus on your particular needs and the problem at hand. We are innovative in our solutions, and can address situations that are not addressed by off-the-shelf systems.


Our hands-on irrigation experience allows us to identify problems in the field, troubleshoot, and provide cost-effective alternatives and solutions. Our construction and engineering experience enhances our understanding of a variety of unusual applications. We welcome the challenge.


Corbett also provides several specialty services for a variety of irrigation and water system applications including: general consulting, design & documentation, audit & analysis, and project oversight. Solving unusual irrigation and drainage problems is our specialty.

Our History

Corbett Irrigation was originally established in Harvard, MA in 1999 under the leadership of its current owner, Brian C (Corbett) Perwak. The name Corbett comes from a long line of ancestral engineers and surveyors dating back to the 1800’s. Brian thought it was a fitting name to carry on the family tradition. For the first several years of establishment the company remained small and only employed 1-2 people, operating with only one truck and some occasional rental equipment. One of which was a college friend of Brian’s, Mike Greenfield, who still remains a major part of the company today as the Operations Manager. One other major milestone in Corbett’s early life was the transition of the business to a corporation (Corbett, Inc) in 2001. During the initial slow period of growth the need for a more established shop and storage facility finally arose and escalated to moving into a small shop in Westford, MA. As the years of steady growth began to accelerate, it became quickly apparent that the shop space in Westford was no longer adequate and a larger facility was needed. By this time the number of employees had risen to 5 and the number of trucks had risen to 4. In 2004, a new base of operations was established on the Acton/Concord line, which is where we still operate today. Currently we employ approximately 20 people seasonally, operate 11 vehicles and 5 pieces of equipment. Despite the growth over the past 15 years the company ideals of attention to detail, precision, and innovation remain as strong today as the day Corbett was born.

Our History

Brian Perwak, President, CIC, CGIA

Prior to starting Corbett Irrigation, Brian began his career working in commercial and residential construction, excavation, and landscaping. After starting and running his own landscaping company for several years he added lawn irrigation to his portfolio of services and shortly afterwards transitioned his company to focusing solely on irrigation systems.

Brian has a practical engineering background. Brian credits his educational background courses at W.P.I. for general engineering and UMASS Amherst for Landscape Architecture and Design. He continues to expand his knowledge with appropriate IA certifications and constant review/evaluation of the latest technology, methods, materials and products.

As Corbett’s President, Brian believes his first priority is maintaining quality service delivery to his many loyal customers. He is responsible for corporate direction and shares the responsibilities with the Project Managers for sales, design and engineering services.

Mike Greenfield, Mgr of Operations, CIC, CLIA

Aside from running our day to day operations and managing various projects, Mike excels in a number of specialty areas within the industry. A background in mechanical engineering from WPI allows for an intricate understanding of irrigation system hydraulics and its other associated components.

His problem solving skills combined with over 15 years of experience in the field allows for almost any challenging issue to be easily resolved. He has built a reputation to find solutions to problems that others thought were impossible. His in depth technical knowledge of pump systems and wells is all but superior to any in the industry. Using the latest technology available he excels in not only determining the proper pump system, but can accurately determine the maximum capabilities of a well.

He is our leading expert in the rapidly expanding field of water conservation. Through various methods and modifications to irrigation systems, he has been able to save millions of gallons of water in the past few years alone. His ability to cohesively integrate all aspects of the trade not only represents the ideals of Corbett Irrigation, but has redefined the standards of the industry altogether. Whether it’s managing a project at your property, improving your irrigation system efficiency and performance, or simply answering a technical question, Mike is always happy to help.

Frank Degan, Project Manager

Frank has been with Corbett Inc since 2006. He is responsible for the overall direction, coordination, implementation, execution, control and completion of specific projects ensuring consistency with company strategy, commitments and goals. He will work with you to develop and manage the irrigation systems to promote water efficiency. Frank uses a wide variety of approaches to maximize water usage such as theoretical and practical aspects of water management. He has diverse experience installing and servicing irrigation systems. Highly competent, results oriented manager completing projects large and small within time and budget constraints. His technical expertise in trouble shooting is unparalleled. He would be happy to assist you on the design and management of your irrigation system.

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